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Putin's Oil Heist Podcast

Putin's Oil Heist

If you want to understand the story behind the story of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, you can draw a straight line back to the Yukos affair. Bruce Misamore was an oil industry executive at the Yukous Oil Company who found himself with a front-row seat to the world's largest state-sponsored theft. In this thrilling 6-part documentary, Loren Steffy, author and investigative journalist shares the story of Putin's takeover of Yukos, and how it impacted the world, with first hand accounts from Bruce Misamore.

Episode 3: The Theft of Yukos
Loren Steffy follows up on the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and the theft of Yukos with first-person accounts from Bruce Misamore, former Chief Financial Treasurer.
Episode 2: The Arrest
In the early 2000s, Bruce Misamore moved to Moscow to work for Mikhail Khodorkovsky at Yukos. Yukos was growing rapidly, but Russian President Vladimir Putin wasn't pleased with the growing influence of Westerners at Russian companies.
Episode 1: Putin's Plan
"If you want to understand the story behind the story of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, you can draw a straight line back to the Yukos Affair."

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Loren Steffy on Putin's Oil Heist Podcast

Loren Steffy on Putin's Oil Heist Podcast

It's a podcast about a podcast! Tom Fox and I discuss my podcast, Putin's Oil Heist. We cover the origin of the series and why the seizure of Yukos is as relevant today as it was when it happened.

Life at the ballpark

What You Can Learn About Life from Baseball's Grinders

Stoney Creek author Mike Capps discusses his new book Grinders: Baseball's Intrepid Infantry with Life at the Ballpark host John Frost. Hear the stories behind the stories, how Mike came to write the book, and what it means to be a grinder in baseball and in life.


Big Empty Podcast

The Hill Country Podcast - Tom Fox

Welcome to The Hill Country Podcast. The Texas Hill Country is one of the most beautiful places on earth. In this podcast, Hill Country resident Tom Fox visits the people and organizations that make this the most unique areas of Texas. Join Tom as he explores the people, places, and activities of the Texas Hill Country. In this episode, I visit award-winning author Loren Steffy about his first work of fiction, The Big Empty.

media interviews with Loren Steffy

The Trial of the Century: The Enron Trial

Enron was truly a Trial of the Century. It had everything: massive egos, bigger than life lawyers and a massive fraud. On this special series from the Compliance Podcast Network, Tom Fox is joined by Loren Steffy who was a business journalist while it was all happening. Tune in for his reflections and new insights on the first Trial of the Century for the 21st Century.


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