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Someday Belongs to Us is a funny and heart-warming story of a 72-year-old lonely romance writer, KATE CALDWELL, who falls in love with the much younger Captain EDWARD PEREGRINE, an eighteenth-century pirate she had created in her latest book series. Their story unfolds as Kate sails through romance on a two-week Caribbean cruise.

By Margie Seaman

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KATE CALDWELL did not expect to find romance at this point in her life. As a 72-year-old author of more than thirty successful romance novels, Kate had all but given up on finding her perfect love connection. To offset the loneliness of being alone, Kate focused on her writing and her granddaughter ELLIE who lived close to Kate's Texas Hill Country home and spent a lot of time with her grandmother. While the first two books of her newest Passion series had been best-sellers partly because of the help of her secret collaborator, Captain EDWARD PEREGRINE, Kate had experienced a creative shut-down of getting the third book even started. Her publisher was pressuring her to put more explicit love-making scenes in her novels which went against Kate's principles since she believed love was more than just sex. Then Edward apparently had walked out of her life. Frustrated by these events, Kate and Ellie embark on a two-week cruise to the Panama Canal that would hopefully allow Kate to get her creative juices flowing again and prove she could write a book without Edward's help - after all, he wasn't real.

At the beginning of the passion series, Kate realized she had little knowledge of the life of a pirate and that she would need help getting the first book started. In desperation she implored the universe nightly to send her a pirate who could provide help and insight with the plot of the first book. One night during a particularly strong thunderstorm with intense lightning, Kate woke suddenly as a bolt of light and the simultaneous crash of thunder shook the bed. Adjusting to the dim light in the room, Kate could make out the figure of a very handsome but confused man, dressed in the garb of an 18th century pirate, standing near the window of her room. She asked how he got there but he said he only remembered being on his ship when a powerful bolt of lightning hit over him and the next thing he knew, he was in her bed chamber. Rationalizing that he was probably just a figment of her imagination, she began talking with the apparition and was happy to discover that his Scottish brogue was quite pleasant to hear. In time, the two became friends and he visited Kate often at night when they would bounce ideas off of each other until the first two books in the series had been successfully completed. The plot of the third book had produced an argument between them over the direction of the book and Edward stormed out of her life and had not returned.

Edward finally returned to Kate the first night of the cruise. They made up for their argument and the two began collaborating on the third book – The Fiery Passion of a Thousand Burning Suns! After Edward's visit, Kate was able to finally make progress with her book and was well into the first draft after a few days. Kate's personal life was also making wonderful progress as their dinner group included two very attractive and available men, DAVID MITCHELL, a professor traveling partly on business and partly for pleasure, and MARCO ANTONINI, traveling with his sister. Both men offered Kate the love possibilities that she so desired and opened up feelings that she had long suppressed. Edward was pleased that Kate had found the possibility of love but his feelings for her were becoming more obvious during their nightly dream visits. Edward was tenderly demonstrative and his good-byes had progressed to caressing her cheek and gently kissing her on the forehead. Kate was confused by his actions especially due to the age difference but Edward assured her that in his existence, there was no age. The cruise sailed through some of the same ports that Edward had visited in her book which only increased Kate's feelings for Edward and for the life she had created for him. Little did Kate know that troubled waters lay ahead or that she was in for the adventure of her life as a merge of the time continuum brought forth conflicts and desires that upset the tranquility of her life but brought her closer to realizing her dream of true love.

About the author:

MARGIE SEAMAN is an eighty-five-year-old late-blooming author of her debut novel Someday Belongs to Us. After a forty-year career in marketing, she switched to a new venture in website design where she has been the president of Citation Solutions for the past fourteen years. Margie also writes a travel blog for seniors, The Graytripper that encourages people to get out and explore their world. Margie is the mother of three, grandmother of seven and great-grandmother of three. She holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Houston and lives in Houston, Texas right down the street from her childhood home. She is currently dogless for the first time in her life but does have some totally spoiled cats that ungraciously allow her to share their living environment

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